Small Claims Court

This court is a branch of the Superior Court of Justice but the Small Claims Court Rules set out that it is to be the “most expeditious and least expensive determination of every proceeding on its merits”. Although the Rules may make this Court sound less intimidating, there are very detailed rules that must be adhered to carefully and certain steps that must be taken to get your matter from Point A to Point B. There may also be significant cost consequences if the Rules are not followed diligently. That is why it makes most sense to hire a paralegal from our team who knows the Rules of Small Claims Court and can assess whether or not you have a winning case and to come up with a strategy going forward.

A Small Claims Court Case can be commenced against someone who you believe has breached a contract with you, or someone who has negligently misrepresented something to you in a contract, or perhaps both parties have very different versions of the contract involved. Small Claims Court matters have a cap of $35,000.00 but costs can be awarded on top of this amount in the right circumstances. These costs can include a representation fee if you have hired a paralegal or a lawyer and they may also include your reasonable disbursements that you have incurred throughout the matter. There are many types of Small Claims Court matters. If you believe you have a Small Claims Court matter and would like some advice, please contact us.

Landlord and Tenant Board

Being a Landlord and/or Tenant may not be easy sometimes. Each person may have absolutely different ideas of who is responsible for certain duties. It is best if this agreement between the Landlord and Tenant is set out in a written agreement. Even if there is a Lease Agreement there can still be issues. If you are a Landlord and your Tenant does not seem to want to pay but does not want to leave, you should call our office. If you are a Tenant and your Landlord is breaching his maintenance responsibilities, you should call our office. We may be able to get this resolved through some type of mediation or it might be necessary to bring an application in the Landlord and Tenant Board. We will explain the process and assist you every step of the way.

Family Mediation

Carrie completed the 112-hour Certificate in Family Mediation in December of 2017 at York University. With this program, Carrie completed courses in the areas of Introduction to Family Mediation, Family Law, Assessing and Screening for Domestic Violence and Power Imbalance and Family Mediation. Carrie is ready to assist you with the mediation of your family issues. Carrie has a personal commitment to assisting partners/parents mediate custody, access, child support, spousal support, division of matrimonial property and other issues involved in separation in a caring, progressive and fair manner. Please give our office a call as this type of resolution is normally much less traumatic and may also be much less expensive.

Commissioner Services

Carrie Bertrand can provide commissioner services for all of your legal needs. Please contact our office to set up your appointment.

Additional Services

Carrie Bertrand Paralegal Services also offers private investigative services and process serving. Please contact our office to find out more about these services.