Carrie Bertrand Paralegal Services

We can offer you a personalized review of your current legal issue and we will advise you immediately if this is the sort of matter that we can assist you with. We provide professional, honest and reasonably priced services to assist you with your goals. If you choose to hire Carrie Bertrand Paralegal Services to assist you with your legal matter, you will have experience on your side and guidance to get you your optimal results. Carrie Bertrand and her associates will guide you regarding the next steps, we will be your voice in the courtroom and we will always be truthful with you regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your position. We will continue to provide you, throughout the legal matter, any changes in our opinions based on the natural progression of the case and keep you apprised of any strategy changes.

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Carrie Bertrand Paralegal Services provides legal representation in Small Claims Court matters, Landlord and Tenant Board matters and other administrative tribunals in Grey and Bruce Counties.